Meet the Roeser’s!

Creators of the Mighty Mini Cupcake

Kim is a true artist in all mediums, and Rosie...well, he likes math. Rosie began baking at an early age in his mom’s kitchen, and Kim dabbled in both sweet and savory since she could walk. Kim and Rosie love each other more than anything...however food is a very close second. Their kiddo Hazen adds the perfect amount of pizzazz to keep them on their toes! Their 3 Amigos adventure would never have happened save for a chance encounter on the corner of Henderson in West Seattle, that brought two creative superpowers together.

Where else can you find perfect Flour-Powered, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Gluten-Free/Vegan and Libation Mighty Mini Cupcakes in Seattle? (And in case you didn't know, 3 Mighty Mini Cupcakes = a typical standard cupcake from the other folks-so you can indulge freely)! 

Jefferson Cakepan is their labor of love, their dream realized, and they can’t wait to share it with Vashon...and maybe a select few of the world beyond.

Come explore our Mighty Mini Cupcakes - we'd love to help you create your unique flavor-vision and become part of the Mighty Mini Cupcake Family!